Judith Canas

The basketball bond


Zeth Cabrera

This is a picture of Judith looking through the microscope when we went to the Science Center.

“Yea, I’m interested in basketball … I watch the games, but I mostly just play. I started playing when I was like…nine or ten? I like playing because I like spending time with my brothers…because it can be very challenging sometimes and I’m up for that. We never usually have those kind of moments together, since our relationship is dry. I wanna have a stronger relationship with my brothers because I want happy moments to look back at when we’re older and start looking back at stuff we did. Right now we don’t really have much, since we’re always mad at each other for no reason. It’s sad, because I would want…like…a happy relationship like others do with their siblings–We barely talk bro, like at all. I can like…feel more comfortable talking to them, instead of feeling awkward around them? So just to be more happy with them I guess.”