The Babysitter Killer

Four of the victims of the Babysitter Killer.

Four of the victims of the Babysitter Killer.

According to the Criminal Minds fandom post “babysitter and the Oakland County child killer,” there is an unidentified serial killer and rapist responsible for the murders of at least four children or more in Oakland County, Michigan. There were ten cases of missing children and teens, but only four had been confirmed. It had been suspected that he might of killed more, but no one knows if it was him or if it was someone else. Most of his victims were girls from ages ten and up and he would use different methods on each one.

According to “Gacy DNA test results in Oakland County Child Killer case” it has said to be that the killer was in 20’s or 30’s and he was a white male. He had a job that gave him access to hangout with children, so most of those children would have been an easy target for him. He was well trusted around the neighborhood. Children trusted him, parents trusted him, basically everyone in that neighborhood trusted him. They didn’t think anything of when the children were missing. They did report the children missing to the police but no one ever suspected him to have anything to do with the missing children and teens. Most have said that they had seen a strong resemblance to the Serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who was allegedly in Michigan around the time of killings.

According to The Babysitter Killer, when the detectives would check for any clues or hints of who the baby-sitter could be, he would leave no trace of himself but he would put the body in a public place where everyone could see. Although they had a description of the man, they couldn’t prove if it was really him because they had no evidence or clues.

This is what the serial killer would do to the victims: The serial killer would hold the children captive for four to nineteen days. According to The Babysitter Killer, he sexually assaulted only boys and would murder them in various ways ”such as shooting them with a shotgun (which the killer only did once), or asphyxiation by smothering them.  Once the children were dead he would place their bodies in various locations in Oakland County in the view of the public.”