Carlos Escalante

Soccer is my passion



Carlos sitting in a chair at a resturant.

“Hey I’m Carlos. I’m known for playing around with my friends. I like to play around with them because if not I would be known as the shy kid. I like playing video games with them or I just hang out with them. I like to play FIFA with them because I love soccer. I love everything about soccer, it’s fun and it’s based on skill. I would say I’m a decent soccer player but I can’t compare to the school soccer team. I usually play soccer with my dad. He inspired me to want to play because he’s a professional player in his country. I hope to become a professional like him one day. I like to play soccer because when I was a little kid my dad taught me how to play. I used to play on a team but I had an incident not too long ago. Soccer has taught me that hard work and dedication leads to perfection. I know for sure that soccer is in my future. Since I was a kid I wanted to continue pursuing my journey to becoming a professional soccer player. My dad taught me tricks and I couldn’t really figure out how to do them but when I got the hang of playing it was pretty easy and I found it pretty fun. I think soccer is therapeutic because it helps me relax and get all my problems out of my head.”