TWICE✨ With Felix Pedro?

Felix talks about how he was first introduced TWICE, and how he later on went to their concert!?


Felix Pedro

Felix showing his TWICE album.

“I started becoming friends with this one girl and at first she was like you should listen to BTS and then I started listening to them and I liked their music. And then I got more into K-pop and eventually I found TWICE in my recommended videos. Then I listened to it and I  thought it was FANCY at that time and it was a really good song. I just got into that more and more after that I have like… I’m still debating, it’s been like a year it’s between one, two, and three. It’s either Chaeyoung or Momo. (The fans) They’re kinda funny but sometimes they can get kind of weird, and like start stalking them or something like that or like just talk bad about others. It was a zombie one. I forgot what it’s called hold on. I haven’t listened to it in a long time.

It’s like I have the video playing in my head. I don’t remember the name, but I remember it was some zombie one and there was like…I don’t know. I went to one of their concerts in…about a year ago and they performed really well and I wouldn’t say meet like that but I did get to see them in person. It was probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to and it was…it lasted quite a while, which was good because I paid a lot of money. Dance The Night Away, it was like… it gave this super nice feeling it was like.. it was really dark and they had the screens playing like a beach and it was just really nice. I have a light-stick that I got from this one store in Koreatown so I can go to the concert and I have like ten albums and I think that’s it.”