Tales and legends: La llorona and Duendes



Duendes having fun.

People may describe duendes as little creatures who bother people and just stay out of their sight. People may have different perspectives on duendes. Kids may have been told tales by their parents about duendes to be patient or go to sleep as a child.

Tales and legends have been told and passed down for generations and generations. Tales can be used to discipline and teach a child to behave. Some stories may just be told to relieve boredom.

According to an article called Owlcation, “Dwarfs are diminutive beings that toil night and day in the forests, guard the immense riches that the underground world hides, and bags full of silver, which later become piles of withered fern leaves and white pebbles. Some goblins, like the duende de los, helps good people find their lost possessions.”

Karen Flores, an eighth grader, does believe in legends and was told about the llorona from her mom to scare her so she could go to sleep. She has never experienced anything traumatic being told this story.

Karen said, “Of course I believe in legends. I was told that the llorona was going to get me because I didn’t want to go to sleep. I have never experienced hearing scary things of that sort and I never want to.”

Ten Melendez, an eighth grade student, also does not believe in legends. She has been told a legend when she did not want to go to sleep and has not seen anything scary.

“I don’t really believe in legends. Yeah, I have been told a legend when I did not want to go to sleep.” Ten said, “No I have never experienced anything like that. It would be traumatizing.”

Yatzury Tellez, an eighth grade student, was told about the llorona by her parents.

Yatzury said, “I was told about the llorona but it was not for me to behave. My parents told me that when they were driving at night they saw this lady with a white dress and her hair covering her face in the middle of the street.”

People, like these Animo Jefferson students, will continue to pass down the legends.