Thoughts on Scream 5



Scream 5

Scream 5’s plot takes place twenty-five years after the original Woodsboro murders from Scream (1996) when yet another Ghost face appears and begins targeting a group of teenagers who are each somehow linked to the original killings.

Here are people’s thoughts on Scream 5:

Campus security officer Crystal De Leon said, “My thoughts on Scream 5, it’s over hyped because it has very exaggerated parts in the movie. I didn’t like the ending. It was kinda confusing and boring. It was like you’re trying to get to the conflict problem already and it just keeps going and it doesn’t come to a solution, you know? Like what’s the reason behind someone dying. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone. I rate this movie one through ten, a two.”

History teacher Madison Thomas said, “I like Scream 5 but I didn’t love the ending. I felt like the ending was a little too cheesy and they were just trying to do fan service, doing what they think the fans would want, and I didn’t like that. I think it made the movie not end as well. It made it kind of cringe. My favorite thing about the Scream 5 movie is the self awareness they have. I really love the character, Mindy, because she points out all the facts about a scary movie, like Oh this is supposed to happen, and this is going to happen now, or everybody is a suspect. That’s my favorite part of scream 5. I think I would rate Scream 5 a 6.5, because I thought the ending was really cringe, but I liked the beginning part and I thought there were some good jump scares and I liked the jump scare fake outs. Where they make you think that somebody’s going to jump out with the intense music added. It was entertaining and a good movie but wasn’t really my favorite.”

Chelsea Ramirez said, “I think Scream 5 was a little bit overrated. I think people just rated it way too high, because in my opinion it just wasn’t that good and it was a little bit boring. My favorite part of the movie was when Amber got shot, because my dad gasped and we started to laugh because it was unexpected. I’d recommend it to someone who actually likes suspense and thrill. It just wasn’t for me. I rate this movie a four. I rate it a four because I just didn’t like the movie overall and it kinda had me going to sleep.”

We think that the movie wasn’t good, because the plot didn’t really make sense and it was over exaggerated. We didn’t like how they used the plots of the other movies. It didn’t have its own plot and the movie just in general didn’t really go with the theme and then the fact that they killed off one of the main characters, Dewey, It was upsetting. We would rate it a two out of ten. We wouldn’t recommend it at all to anyone.