Creed 3 Review



Adonis Creed and Damien about to have a boxing match.

Creed 3 was released on Mar 3, 2023. It’s about retired boxing champion Adonis Creed, who meets up with his old teenage friend who has been locked up in jail for a long time. His friend’s dream has always been to be one of the best like Adonis. So he asked Creed if he could give him a shot in the big league.

The movie starts off with his friend (Damien Anderson) taking Adonis Creed to an underdog boxing match. After the match, Damien takes home the win and money and they start talking about their future and what they will do once Damien becomes one of the best boxers. They stop at a liquor store and Creed goes and sees someone who he has a problem with. He gets in a fight with him and two others join in to help the other person.

Damien goes to see what’s all the noise and sees his friend getting jumped. He pulls out a gun on the two other people and when he does the police are around the corner. He gets arrested but Adonis Creed runs away.

Damien comes out of prison mad at Creed because he sent Creed multiple letters and he never received them while Damien was serving time in prison. He was also mad because while he was locked up Creed was living Damien’s boxing dream life.

Jose Contreras, an eighth grader at Animo Jefferson, watched the movie Creed 3 and said, “In my opinion the movie was alright. If I could put it on a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 7.5. My favorite part was the workout session for the fight between Creed and Damien.”

Kenya Guevara, also an eighth grader at Animo Jefferson, said, “I think the movie was pretty good. It was very inspirational because it was focused on the person he grew up to be after having a tough childhood and I also think it was very well made. “

Alfonso Estrada. an eighth grader at Animo Jefferson, has watched the Rocky movies and the previous Creed movies and compared them saying, ” Rocky and Creed have a BIG difference. Rocky is more about his life and how he came into boxing and how he was successful and his downfall.  And Creed is more about how Adonis came up because of his dad … Rocky had more action and Creed was only successful because of his dad.”