Cannabis usage by teens around LA



A picture of the marijuana plant that lots of teenagers use.

Have you seen any cannabis usage around your neighborhood by teens? I’ve asked AJMS teacher Jeremy Farkas and two of my close friends, Angel Campos and Estuardo Jacome.

This is what Mr. Farkas had to say, “I think teenagers should not do it. Seriously.I think young people underestimate the effects that drugs can have in your brain and your body while you’re growing. The thing about growing up is that you don’t have a lot of perspective or a lot of appreciation of consequences when you’re young. You feel like you’re invincible.”

Angel Campos said,”I don’t think it’s right because it could hurt them while they are young. I think a big factor is their childhood or things going on at home that makes them need a substitute, which is the marijuana, which really affects their brain growth.” 

Estuardo also had to say, “It is bad because it affects your life. You have bad health when you do it. I think it’s very highly addictive so that’s a reason why it happens a lot and doing it really affects your brain development so that’s why there is an age requirement.” 

According to health.harvard.secondhand-marijuana-smoke-and-kids, “there is evidence to suggest that when youth and young adults (whose brains are still developing) are exposed to marijuana, it may have permanent effects on executive function, memory, and even IQ.” 

I think kids, teens, and everyone should not do cannabis because anything you put into your lungs that is not oxygen I think is extremely harmful for you, especially when you’re a kid, since your  brain is still developing and you are harming your memory and intelligence.