How it feels to run the LA Marathon with SRLA


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Have you ever wondered about how students feel about running the Los Angeles Marathon? Me (Matthew Fernendez) and Eddy (Eduardo Teodores) have interviewed new SRLA students about how they feel running the Los Angeles Marathon. We had some very honest answers.

The Los Angeles Marathon is a race that people in LA run. The race course is 26.2 miles and you need to be registered to be able to run it. Let’s sport people says, “The entry fee for the Los Angeles Marathon 2022 is from $169.” You can also join SRLA (Students Run LA) which funds middle school and high school students so that they can also run the race for free. About 20,000 people ran the course during the 2023 LA Marathon.

We first interviewed one of the runners, Kimberly Alvarado, and this is what she said, “I feel good because I could run the marathon and when I’m done I could be like ‘oh I accomplished this on my own.’ And bad because I know that Ima be super super super tired when we finish the race.” So Kimberly said that she would feel accomplished and she later said that she was the first in her family to complete a marathon. She also said, “I might run in my free time, maybe, but in my free time I will run because I kinda enjoy running.” Kimberly likes running and she enjoyed running so much that she will run in her free time and she might join SRLA again next year.

Our next student we interviewed was Kenya Guevara and she said, “I feel proud of myself because I did it. I didn’t think that I was gonna make it alive.” This shows that not only do students get a great feeling for being able to run and finish the marathon, but that it makes them feel accomplished and proud. “Yes I feel very strong and accomplished and I feel I became a better person because I’ve become more athletic and more confident in myself.”

In conclusion, the Los Angeles Marathon is a fun thing to do if you have the time to train for it. Kimberly and Kenya and the other students, including Eduardo and Matthew, have completed the marathon and we feel very accomplished about it. It was very difficult for everyone but we were all able to complete it (except for Isaac Reyna). It was a very sad moment because he was one of the very few that did not finish the marathon. Besides that, it was a very fun and exciting experience.