Food review: food vendors of South LA


Jeshuah De Dios

Churros preparados

 A lot of us are blinded by big money-making businesses and don’t realize the beauty and uniqueness of our own neighborhood filled with street vendors. You can find so much color, brightness, and tasty yet affordable foods right here in our neighborhoods. Here are some examples we thought were worth showcasing in the South Central area.


Tacos and sopes on Central

The owner of the first place we tried asked us to keep the address hidden but they said it was ok if we said the general area, which is on Central and 43rd St. Now onto the food, Angela and Jeshuah tried shrimp tacos and a sopé with waffle fries.

Here’s what we had to say: We both agreed that the fries were crispy yet soft. They were perfect, the seasoning was well done and it didn’t overpower the other flavors. The shrimp tacos were really good. They had the perfect amount of fried batter and with a complimentary add-on list it brought out the uniqueness of the flavors even more. The sopé was really good. The flavors were very unique yet close to home since it is a basic dish, and yet it had such a vibrant kick of flavor to it.

Overall we both decided that the flavors of this food stand were unique yet have a homey feeling to them. We also agreed that the customer service was great, the vendor was extremely nice and the greeting gave the interaction a feeling as if we already knew each other. We both gave our meals a 10/10!

B.G. Tacos

The second place we went to was B.G. Tacos at 4019 S Central Ave (in the parking lot), since we saw that they were selling multiple things like tacos, tortas, burritos, etc.

All of the staff were very patient. They’re patient because when we tried asking them if we could write a review, they couldn’t understand us since we speak broken Spanish. They let us take our time and were very understanding with us. Jeshuah had gotten tacos de asada and Angela got a burrito. We both got it with everything (salsa, onion, cilantro, frijoles, etc), but we didn’t get anything to drink since we didn’t really want something. Although we weren’t able to get any drinks, they had many options like horchata, jamaica, and sandia (I’m not sure what else they had).

Here’s what we had to say: “I like how the burrito has like a lot of flavor and like it’s really packed. It also has a strong tortilla since it doesn’t come apart a lot or like it’s strong,” said Angela. Jeshuah added on, “Yes, it has a lot of flavors that complement each other. It’s also not overpowering and it has a good amount of each ingredient.”

We both agreed that the flavors are amazingly combined but not to overpowering to the point you won’t like it and that the workers were amazing towards us – very helpful and patient. This makes it another 10/10!


Churros preparados

The third place was at the same location as the second one, just across from the parking lot. They were selling more sweets and deserts like churros, churros preparados, esquites, bunuelos, etc. They sell on Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays. They were also very kind to us when we asked to review their food and treated us like if we were one of their friends, which was very welcoming and sweet of them.

Jeshuah and I shared a plate of churros preparados since it was a good amount for two or three people (depending on how much hungry you are). There was around two to three different types of churros preparados but we got ours with strawberries. The churros preparados included the churros, whipped cream, cut strawberries, strawberry syrup, and caramel syrup.

Here’s what we thought of the food: “WOW that is actually so good I thought it would be like dry on the inside but its actually a good texture, its pretty soft and like not burnt,” said Jeshuah when he finished taking a bite.

“It’s really sweet from all of the different things added to it and I personally like sweet stuff so this is like really good for me,” said Angela after Jeshuah finished talking.

Overall the food was pretty sweet but it was delicious and the workers were very helpful when it came to us asking to review them. From all of this being said it makes it out 3rd 10/10!

From all of this reviewing, we can see that the reason we should support your local food vendors is because they are so unique and they have great and welcoming personalities.

They also have very delicious food. Every vender has their own type of food they’re selling but either one will satisfy you depending on what you like since they can have a variety of options.