Rogelio Feliciano

When I skate I make new friends


Jay Zuniga

Leo doing a thumbs-up pose.

“Hello my name is Rogelio but I like to be called Leo. I like to skate with my friends. When I skate I make new friends. My cousin introduced me to skating and when I got the hang of it, I started  to love it. I liked skating because it was fun and it was something I could do when I was bored instead of just staying home. I mainly skate at Trinity skatepark or I just go street skating. I normally skate with my friend Randy or my other friends from different schools. I like to skate with Randy because he’s fun and he taught me how to drop in. He threw me down and I rolled my ankle. I like to listen to Playboi Carti while I skate. He’s the best rapper.”