Land pollution in Los Angeles


Land pollution in LA is bad and it affects the land around us and poses a safety hazard for people, as hazardous material can be on streets and public places and can get into crops which people ingest.

According to a survey a lot of people that live in Los Angeles are affected by pollution and they notice trash around them. There are long term effects to people’s health like asthma and heart disease. The article “Los Angeles Has A Trash Problem” states, “[Former city controller Ron] Galperin’s office concluded many people who are not homeless use encampments as illegal trash dumps, which increases health and safety risks to people living on the street.”

This means that it doesn’t just affect them but also other people. It also shows that the government doesn’t pay much attention to the south side of town. This problem is an example of environmental injustice since the city pays more attention to one side of town, which is usually the richer parts of the cities that are cleaner than the other.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, “poor people and people of color are more likely across the United States to live near polluting factories and are exposed to more pollution than wealthier communities and white communities. In the early 1980s in the United States it was recognized that hazardous waste sites are found more often in low-income communities of color than in wealthier and predominantly white communities.”

This means that LA County is not paying enough attention to everyone; they are paying attention to the wealthier sides of town to make sure that they are okay while the other parts of town are left with the consequences of factories and litter.

The point of the article is to inform you about environmental injustice and show you the effects that it has on people. Even though most people don’t even know that they are victims of institutional oppression, as the government doesn’t pay the same amount of attention to poorer communities because the wealthy industries construct factories for a lower cost profiting by polluting the poor.