Advice for eighth graders going to Six Flags


Felix Pedro

I took this picture after getting off of Crazanity.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is an amusement park that holds the record of most roller coasters in a theme park.  These include one of the biggest roller coasters, such as Goliath that has a 255-foot drop, and ‘Superman: Escape from Krypton’ that goes up to 100 miles per hour up and back down a 328 feet drop, making it the highest coaster at the park.

Besides the rides, getting around the park is also a great but challenging workout. You will probably be walking around five miles in a day making loops around the park. Aimee and I (who have been there multiple times) suggest wearing comfortable clothing, especially when it comes to shoes. Bring a portable charger since there’s long lines which you have to wait in and its extremely boring so you will use your phone. Also a portable fan could be useful during the summer which is when the field trip will be happening. We suggest you bring one so you won’t be sweaty throughout the day.

You might also have trouble with deciding what rides to get on or seek other advice, so we interviewed some people for their opinions.

Mr.Finer, an eighth grade teacher, gave some advice to students attending for the first time. He stated “plan for the weather” which I also agree with since you wouldn’t want to go on a super sunny day or a very rainy day. He also stated that his favorite ride is Twisted Colossus because you go twice on different yet similar tracks and he would recommend that ride.  I also interviewed other students such as Rachel Lopez who said her favorite ride at Six Flags is X2 and Jeshuah De Dios, who said his favorite ride is Tatsu because it “makes me feel like I’m flying and it’s cool.”

I’ve heard some students are quite nervous to go and get on rides, so Rachel as well as Jeshuah recommended getting on smaller rides first, such as American Revolution, which is a decent sized roller coaster and also the first roller coaster with a vertical loop.