Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Celebrating Asian American people and inventions

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is an important month to help celebrate the many Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, but many people don’t support it as much as they should.

One of the many famous Asian Americans is Bruce Lee.  He is best known for helping popularize martial arts movies in the 1970’s. Some of the many movies he starred in were Tang Shan Da Xiong in 1971 and Jing Wu Men in 1972. Some other facts about Bruce Lee was that he was nicknamed the “Little Dragon” because he was born on the month of the dragon, day of the dragon and hour of the dragon. Lastly he was also known for his speedy kicks.

Another key part of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is recognizing the many items that people from Asia have made, one of them being the famous USB drive which is used by many people to help people safely store data and take the data with them practically anywhere which is very useful.

Another significant invention is chess, which originated from India during the Gupta dynasty in the sixth century where people played from the court of kings, then spread to the people in villages, and now chess is played among 172 countries 1500 years later.

Lastly, YouTube is one of the most popular apps used where people can find different kinds of content made and where people make their own videos for other people to enjoy. Many people don’t know that one of the founders of YouTube is a Taiwanese-American named Steve Chen. He is an Internet entrepreneur who was most known for being a co-founder and former chief technology officer of YouTube. Something that many people don’t know about Steve Chen is that he first started as an employee at PayPal and was also a former Facebook employee but later left his position several months later to start YouTube.

These are just a few of the many Asian Americans and inventions that people that people should know more about. People should celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month more.