AJMS eighth graders explain how they choose their high school



High school graduation

High school for some people might be scary, for some it might be exciting, and some people might just not care. The school year is ending at AJMS, which means for eighth graders that middle school is ending and they’re going on to high school. 

I have interviewed students at AJMS about how they feel about going to high school, where they are going to high school and why and what they expect from their experience at high school.

Eighth grader Adam Garcia said, “I’m going to Manual Arts and I feel so happy because I get to learn different subjects and it’s a new, bigger school so I get to meet new people but I’m also nervous because none of my friends will go to that school. So I’m not going to know anyone at first because I’m going like know anybody.” This shows that students may have chosen where they are going next because they want to meet new people.

Another eighth grader at AJMS, Lestly Ramirez said, “I’m going to Grand Arts High School and I have high expectations about this school because I feel like it would really help me with the career that I’m choosing which is film.” People like Lestly also have chosen their school based on what they want their future to be like.

Other eighth graders just chose their high school because of mistakes, like Clyde Melendez. “I’m going to Animo Ralph Bunche but only because I forgot to apply to other high schools earlier in the school year. I don’t expect anything from it other than meeting new people,” Clyde said.

Lastly, AJMS student Isac Paez said, “I’m going to Animo Ralph Bunche because it’s close to my house and my relatives went there and I expect to be treated respectfully. I hope high school will be better than middle school.” Finally students also have chosen their high school based on the location and because their family goes or used to go there.

So there are many reasons why eighth graders chose what they chose for their future and there are many different things they expect from it but in the end we’re all just going to high school and seeing what happens and hoping it will be good.