“J.R. TRIMZZ” the barber

Other than me being a student, I am also a barber and I go by “J.R. TRIMZZ.”

I started cutting hair due to my dad having to go to places to get his hair cut, which wasted gas to get there and cost about thirty dollars per cut every other week.  Plus, those barbers cut his hair badly. I had seen videos on TikTok of barbers cutting hair and I liked watching them. After that I got some cheap clippers and trimmers to start off. My dad was my first client.

I have now been cutting hair for about a month and a half and I think I have made pretty good progress. My mom has helped me and supported me with my dream of becoming a barber ever since I told her. Although she has some conditions-not dropping out of school to start working and only cutting hair when school is not in session, like on weekends or holiday breaks. I agreed and ever since then I’ve been practicing on my dad and other people. I have now gotten to a point where my haircuts are worth a good amount and to where I get a good amount of clients.

As of right now I am still not sure what is a good amount of money to charge people so I basically go off how well I did the haircut.  I charge more if I think I did a good job and less if it didn’t turn out as well. In the future I would like to charge about $15 for kids, $20 for teens, and $25 for adults. Any extra things like a design or cutting facial hair would be an extra $5. I’m not sure if these prices are firm due to it maybe being too much for some people. All I want is for my client to like his haircut for a good price and come back. 

Some difficulties I had in the beginning of when I started cutting hair were the machines I had. The problem was that they were not able to cut as good as I wanted them to. Also I had trouble with knowing when to keep the lever of the clipper open, halfway or closed when the guards were on. Although I had troubles I did not give up fast. I gained confidence while cutting my clients’ hair and did my research. Now I am where I am and making money off something I enjoy doing.

Although I do enjoy cutting hair, I do not see myself being a full-time barber and having cutting hair as my main job or way of getting money because I believe I can make more money off something else that will help me in the future and give me a good reputation for any other jobs.  On the other hand, I think cutting hair will be a good side hustle to where I can cut hair in my free time and still be able to focus on school or a real job I have apart from being a barber. 

All in all I’m still progressing and practicing small things. I need to learn to be a better barber and have more people hear about me and want to get a haircut from “J.R. TRIMZZ.”