How things have changed since sixth grade



Student in an online class.

Ever since online learning many students have experienced different things. I was curious about how students experienced online learning up through in-person learning now. I decided to ask three different students on their online school experience.

Firstly I interviewed Kimberly Alvarado to see about her experience. She said, “Things were different from online learning to now because during online we weren’t on campus so we didn’t see our friends and teachers in real life. Seeing the little screens on the zoom calls and meetings made me think if we were ever going back to school in real life. And at some point I was really bored and getting lazy since we were just waking up and directly joining the classes everyday.”

Secondly, I asked Biviana Lopez about her experience. She said, “Ever since the pandemic started we had online school. At first it was fun but after a while it started getting boring because all I did was sit and stare at a screen. My first year of middle school was online and it was boring. I didn’t know if we would even get to go in person to school.”

Lastly, I interviewed Ruth Ronquillo about her experience. She said, “Online school was different from now because now we get to actually be in-person and instead of having online friends I get to see them in real like. Things now are way different from online school, for example we don’t sit have to sit and stare at a screen most of the day. Also now if I don’t understand the work or finished it I’m able to come to office hours and ask my teachers for help.”

Everyone had a different experience during online school but now we get to come to school in person and see our friends. I faced some challenges during online school. It was sometimes difficult; that’s why I didn’t really like it. I like it better now. We get to come in-person and we don’t have to struggle with Wi-Fi problems like some did when we had online learning. Online learning did have an impact on our middle school experience. Many things have changed ever since we had to spend our first year of middle school online to now.