Church’s Chicken


The restaurant sign of Church’s Chicken.

Have you ever heard of Church’s Chicken? If not, I want to talk about it here and let you know about the restaurant. I think Church’s is better than KFC and Popeyes. There is even a Church’s Chicken near our school. I really like to go there since when I feel hungry or there isn’t food at home.

Now for their menu: they have fried chicken which you can get in a family meal including up to 18 pieces of chicken. You can get fries, chicken tenders, jalapeno cheese bombers, apple pies, frosted honey butter-biscuits, baked mac and cheese, and one of everybody’s favorite, the honey biscuits, as well as the spicy or non-spicy Chicken sandwich. You can get either two combos or family combos and they come with jalapenos and fries if you want. I really like their chicken because it’s crispy and the flavor is really amazing. 

You can get Church’s Chicken on any app such as Doordash, Uber Eats, etc. if you want it delivered at home.

If you want to eat at the restaurant, I really like how their place looks outside and inside. Of course, inside the restaurant smells amazing when you order their meal. The employees are friendly that I’ve seen so far and you get your food pretty quickly. 

Eighth grader Bryan Espinoza likes to go to Church’s Chicken.  He said, “I think Church’s Chicken is a great place because I believe the food is really good. It’s one of the places I always go to when I’m hungry after school on some days and I would recommend this to everyone because it’s honestly amazing.”

I would choose Church’s Chicken over any chicken place around the world. You can call me crazy or disagree with me but that is why I really like it.  I hope you go and check this restaurant out.