Michael B. Jordan



Michael B. Jordan at the world premiere of Wakanda Forever.

Michael B. Jordan is an American actor that has been in several popular movies. He was born on February 9, 1987 in Santa Ana, California. When Jordan was a toddler he moved from California to Newark, New Jersey and became a child model. He then later got his first acting roles in 1999. In 2002 he started to get a little bit of fame for his acting as a teen drug dealer in The Wire. Most of the fame came from when his character was killed off.

He played in a few more films that had gave him a bit more fame, but what really skyrocketed his career was when he played the real-life Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station According to Britannica, Jordan gained more attention when he took the role of Adonis Creed in the movie Creed and even more when he played as the villain from Black Panther, Erik Killmonger.  He then repeated his performance as Adonis in Creed II. In 2023 he returned as Adonis Creed again in Creed III which became a really huge hit and reached about $100.4 million in ticket sales.

I went around asking a few people if  they know Micheal B. Jordan. Alfonso said, “I know who Micheal B. Jordan because my favorite movie from Michael B. Jordan is Creed. I think he’s a decent actor.”

Ms. Mendez said, “I don’t really know who Micheal B. Jordan is but I liked him in the movie Black Panther. His acting was good in the movie and I personally liked it.”

Mr. Balbastro said, “I’ve seen Michael B. Jordan in a few movies. He did a good job in the movie Creed and I think he’s a pretty good actor for this era.”

This proves to show that Creed is one of the most popular movies out of all of the movies he has been in and is where most people know him from, if you ask.