“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” movie review


Clyde Melendez

At the movie theater.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse recently came out and many people have been talking about it on TikTok, YouTube, and even at school so I decided to go watch it with some of my close friends, Yatzury, Adam, Lee and Jasmine, so that we could all review it and just see if the movie is really as good as people say.

When the movie started I was surprised with the art-style. It was really pretty to look at and it didn’t look like any regular animated movie I had seen before ever in my life. All the different types of colors in certain scenes made the movie pop out more.

I thought Gwen’s new hair looked really good and was honestly perfect with her character’s personality and everything that she had been through with her friend, the people of her city, and even her own father who thought Spider-woman (aka Gwen) had killed his daughter’s best friend Peter.

During the end of the movie the story started to be really emotional and I felt so bad for Miles almost the entire time, especially when he found out that he wasn’t even supposed to become Spiderman in his universe and then ended up going to the universe where the spider that bit him originated from.

When the movie finally ended I felt pretty disappointed because the movie was starting to get really good but it ended up just leaving us at a cliffhanger. But at the same time it also had me excited to see the next part of the movie which is coming out sometime in 2024.


I asked my friends what they rate the movie:

Yatzury: 8/10 “because throughout the movie I kind of wanted to go home and I hated the end because it ended at a cliffhanger”

Adam: 9.5/10 “I liked everything about it except the end”


Me: 10/10 “I loved everything about it especially the animation and art-style.”

Jasmine: 8/10 “I’m not really a Marvel fan and I don’t really find that interesting but it was still a really good movie.”

Overall its a really good movie. I think more people should watch it.