Eighth grade experiences and feelings about high school


Sofia Garcia Rodriguez

Abraham Ramos looking at a bulletin board.

Every eighth grader has experienced many different things throughout middle School. Being an eighth grader also comes with having mixed feelings about their middle school experience and transitioning to high school. For example, many will say their experience was great, others may say it was boring, and some may be feeling excitement about going into high school while others may be feeling nervous. 

I asked multiple students about their thoughts and feelings about the school year ending and how they’re feeling about high school. 

Brianna Segura, an eighth grade student said, “If I had to describe my eighth grade year in three words I would say challenging, fun, and stressful. Being an eighth grader was fun because I got to hang out with my friends, make new friends and I got to form new relationships with teachers. It was also challenging and stressful because the work is harder and you have to keep yourself and your grades in check so that you’re allowed to participate in eighth grade activities and make your experience better.” 

Brianna basically stated that her eighth grade experience was great but she had to keep herself in check in order to have a successful year.

I also asked Brandon Juarez about how he’s feeling about going into high school. He said, “choosing a high school can be stressful because of the opinion you hear people give about certain schools, which makes you question if your school options are a good choice. Choosing high school options was also stressful for me because I was looking for schools that have good soccer teams, which adds more into the question about which high school is a good fit for me.  On the other hand, I’m happy the school year’s ending because I don’t have to be worried about work teachers give us and I’m also excited for the eighth grade activities.” 

Brandon stated that choosing a high school can be stressful because you don’t know if the school is a right fit for you.

Abraham Ramos said, “My middle school experience was fun. I got to meet a lot of new people, I learned a lot of new things mixed between work and life experiences. I’m having mixed feelings about high school because I’m excited to be leaving but I’m also going to miss hanging out with my friends and getting in trouble with them, but we won’t have to deal with anymore of the drama here and we’ll be able to meet new people.”

Abraham said he’s having mixed feelings about leaving because he’ll miss his friends but he’s happy he’s leaving the drama behind.