Betsy Sanchez

Student Run LA pushes you
This was before the marathon at 4 in the morning.
This was before the marathon at 4 in the morning.
Betsy Sanchez

“I wanted to be in SRLA because…honestly my brother inspired me year 2021 I saw that he was running and…when I saw the medals he told me I should join and like yeah, my brother inspired me to do it and I decided to go for it and…yeah.

Umm so…a pro is that umm you get candies um at the end and you also get to go to Knott’s and also you make new friends. And a con is um you have to have a certain pace to do the marathon and you actually have to push yourself, you can’t walk a lot. Sometimes your legs will be sore after races and um yeah.

Honestly my favorite thing that I really enjoyed was exercising because it made me hard like…hard. I also really enjoyed that I got to meant new people and I got to hang out more with my friends and like…you know I got to push myself and that was something really hardworking. After running the marathon I was like really happy and emotional because like I couldn’t believe like I had pushed myself to run like a whole 26 miles and…uh  yeah. I felt really emotional and Ms. Alamilla hugged me at the end. Reaching that goal is something challenging and you have to actually push yourself and try because not everything…not everyone is going to do things for you so. Honestly doing SRLA it made me push myself to my like limits and yeah.

If you want to join SRLA, honestly I recommend you do. It helps you with a lot, like you could run off your feelings, like and you could lose weight, you could exercise more, you could push yourself to do things and you could make other people jealous, like you know. If they talk bad about you, you could be like ‘yeah I ran a marathon and you didn’t, so like, what!’ and also you could run from a killer if anything happens.”

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