Delilah Cabrera

Middle school trouble
Delilah chilling close to an exit  next to room 105.
Delilah chilling close to an exit next to room 105.
Ayline Cruz

“During middle school I found anything with socializing hard to do , whenever it’s time to do a project or whatever that requires an entire group especially in a class I don’t have a friend in it makes it EXTREMELY difficult for me. Usually in a situation like this I end up having the teacher get me into a group, but again I usually end up freezing up, not being able to speak, or get really nervous…. My friend made middle school a lot easier for me personally and some teachers like Ms. Thomas and Mr. Farkas. They made things feel a lot more comfortable and I’m happy to have Ms. Thomas again this year…. My friend honestly made it  a lot more easier to be social and talk to people by just supporting me and being there.”  


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