“It takes time to get used to.”

Clash of Clans.
Clash of Clans.
Anthony Gonzalez

Antonio is 23 years old and he is the oldest sibling of the family. His whole life he has lived in Guatemala with his Grandma. One day he decided he wanted to have a better life and wanted to move to the United States to live with his mother and live with his other siblings. 2022 he moved to LA  and his life has gotten better and has a better job.



Frank Gonzalez: Alright so how was it like back in Guatemala?
Antonio Gonzalez: It was good, they taught so many things. I lived with my grandma. She taught me so many stuff like work and she took care of me. She was always with me.
FG: What was the first job grandma taught you?   
AG: The first job was working the camps and… um sewing. 
FG: How was work?
AG: For the first time it was hard but I got used to it. It takes time to get used to. 
FG: How is life now here in Los Angeles? 
AG: My life here is great, there is more work unlike Guatemala and it is much safer here.
FG: Did you get use to living here in Los Angeles?
AG: Um… not yet still got some stuff to look around. 
FG: What was your reaction when you saw us?
AG: Mmm [expletive] my reaction. What was my reaction? It was emotional. It was my first time  seeing you guys and mom in 18 years!
FG: Alright, thank you for sharing your experiences with me. 
AG: You’re welcome, my friend. 
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