“Life is about making decisions and we all must make them, even if it is difficult.”

Nancy taking a picture of herself in the car.
Nancy taking a picture of herself in the car.
Nancy Romero

Nancy Romero tells the story of when she moved to the United States and describes all her experiences. Nancy also tells a story about how it effected her life and how it was the best decision she ever made. Although it was a challenge, she eventually  faced it.



Jocelyn Gomez: What’s your name?
Nancy Romero: My name is  Nancy Romero
JG: Umm how old are you?
NR: I am 31.
JG: Ok, what’s a challenge you have faced in your life?
NR: Umm I think it would be deciding to come to the United States from Mexico, from a young age, because I wanted something better for myself and something better for my family in the future. I also umm wanted something better for my kids in the future.
JG: How old were you when you came to the United States?
NR: I was pretty young, like 17 or 18.
JG: Was that an easy decision for you to make or a hard decision?
NR: It was a hard decision because I had to leave my family behind, my mother, my father, my brother, and my sisters.
JG: Did you eventually see them  again, or you haven’t seen them?
NR: Umm I have not seen my sisters but my brothers I have because after I left for the United States they left too, a couple years after me. So I got to see them here but I have not seen my sisters or my parents.
JG: Umm when you moved over here to the United States was it hard to communicate with people?
NR: Yes it was because everything was different, you know. Everything was in English and I didn’t know any English. I also did not have any of my family or friends so I needed to start from the bottom.
JG: Yeah.
NR: Yeah and that was the hard part.
JG: Okay yeah, umm how did you  to overcome this challenge?
NR: Eventually I got a job and I made friends and now I have, you know, my husband, and I have a son.
JG: Were you happy with your decision or not?
NR: Yes, because I have a better job, a better future, and a better future for my family. If I would’ve stayed in Mexico, I would have been struggling every day.
JG How is your life now that you moved to the United States?
NR: My life has been great. I have a wonderful husband and I have my son that I love very much.
JG: What advice would you give to those people who are planning to come to the United States?
NR: Do you mean, like in the same situation that I was in?
JG: Yeah.
NR: Umm.
JG: They might be scared or when they come to the United States, they might regret their decision.
NR: I say go for it because its gonna be the best decision for you and your family.
JG: Okay that is all, thank you.
NR: You’re welcome.
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