“Entering 10th grade was a new experience for me, many emotions, and as 10th grader you get to have many opportunities for college and for school.”

Kelly was culminating from Animo Jefferson at Animo Legacy.
Kelly was culminating from Animo Jefferson at Animo Legacy.
Manuel Marquez
First half of interview with Kelly Marquez

My sister is currently 14 and goes to Nava. She is experiencing new difficulties in high school. High school can be very  challenging and you have to overcome new fears. Also, personal things may interfere in school but you just have to concentrate and let nothing distract you.



Manuel Marquez: So, Kelly tell me something about yourself.
Kelly Marquez: Something about myself is that I’m a really uh, positive person and I care about people.
MM: Alright that’s good caring about people.  Alright and how does it feel like entering 10th grade? a new school year.
KM: Entering 10th grade was a new experience for me, many emotions, and as a 10th grader you get to have many opportunities for college and for school.
MM: That’s good, can’t wait to be in 10th grade. So, like what are you like are you into sports are you planning to join sports?
 KM: Yes, for junior year I’m planning to join tennis or volleyball. I’m also planning on joining some clubs.
MM: That’s good. So, what is like the hardest thing you’ve been doing right now, like homework or work?
KM: The hardest I can say is physics. There’s some difficult assignments but with help and asking questions I felt like I’ve achieved doing my work successfully.
MM: That’s good, always putting homework first. So like when you achieve something you want to do how does it feel?
KM: I feel happy and I feel proud of myself because I know that I could do stuff when I try my best, doing it and not only do I prove to my parents that I can do it, but I prove myself that I can do more than I expect.
MM:And what do you think about the school you’re in right now?
KM: I think is ok. Its not what I expected but at least I’m doing good in it and that’s what matters and yea I think is kind of fun meeting new people.
MM: Yea that’s how I felt. I guess I know how you feel. And um how do you feel about next year, you’re going to be a what? A junior?
KM: I feel nervous and excited, not just because you know I’mma be in a new grade but because in that year you can take a test that tells you how much you’ve grown.
MM: Oh ok. And so, like about personal life, how is life in your household?
KM: Right now, its good, many birthdays are coming up like my baby brother’s birthday and my grades are doing really well, and I think that’s what’s making my parents really proud.
MM: Thats good and how do you feel about this interview?
KM: I feel special because I’ve never gotten interviewed, and I don’t know, I feel excited.

MM: So, by you saying that you feel special by me interviewing you like so that means that you haven’t gotten an interview you like in any time or like people haven’t interviewed you?
KM: No people have never interviewed me, and I felt like being able to participate in your interview in your work, I don’t know it makes me happy.
MM: Has anything changed about you in these past years going into high school?
KM: Yes, many things but a major one is how mature I became, independent, and my way of thinking are more mature, and I know how to make choices now and back then I was like thinking dumb stuff and also physical changes, I’ve seen physical changes too.
MM: Are you happy about your 15? 
KM: No, I’m not happy. I just see it as a regular day, nothing special just the day I was born and that’s pretty much it, not looking forward to doing nothing that day.
MM: So, you’re not like most of the girls that like to have parties and wearing a dress on their 15 since they’re maturing?
KM: No, I’m not that type of girl. For me is like I’m 15 and it makes me a woman now and just go on with my life.
MM: So, what is like your life goals right now? What do you want to be when you grow up?
KM: For the past couple years, I wanted to be a psychologist, but I was once in a career class and I found a new interest and I would like to be a dentist, the ones who specialize in braces and fixing teeth that are not that well.
MM: You mean straight?
KM: Yea that.
MM: Alright then Kelly this interview is about to end, and I would like to thank you for your participation!
KM: You’re welcome.
Second half of interview with Kelly Marquez (Manuel Marquez)
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