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My identity is me

Scott Savage

Over time stuff feels like a rhyme 

Things come and go but it’s just a flow. 

Another well known flow is a friendship cause you 

Never know how they view of you and say of 

I’ve been through many backstabs and betrayal 

And it’s painful but you have to get over it and continue on.


Even though my life isn’t perfect I still live and deserve it 

The things I deserve are being reserved for the future and 

When I reflect on myself. People say I have a good personality 

Even though I view myself as pathetic and weird, it’s like 

There’s nothing to see in me.   


I am also very anxious about certain things it’s just like a 

Feeling of social anxiety I don’t know why i have it but I just 

Feel like people look down on me and I hate that feeling.

Although it’s still a part of me it’s gotten better thanks to my 

Friends that helped care for me and there is no way I can 

Thank them for it and I will care about them very much too. 


All of these things shape a part of me and who I have came 

To be due to the troubles and challenges in my life. I feel like a

Piece of clay cause these thing shape me like a clay model that’s 

Soon to be destroyed by sadness, sorrow, and many other emotions.


But there are also many good things about me like

I get a lot of compliments for many thing and when I do it 

Feels like an accomplishment and it feels like the best thing 

Possible to me. I also like to thank my mom for giving me 

That advice about many things that help me out in life.

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