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The difference between LA and Mexico

Manuel Marquez
House in progress of construction in Huilango, Mexico.

Los Angeles, known as the City of Angels, offers a stark contrast to the vibrant landscapes and traditions of Mexico. But what exactly sets these two places apart?

In class I spoke to a classmate and interviewed him about his opinion regarding the difference between Mexico and Los Angeles. He lived in Morelos, a beautiful place where its lively and very green. He also stated that he likes the fact that everybody knows each other.


Economy and opportunities 

Amaurie Poventud, an eighth grader with family ties to Mexico, says, “I feel like Mexico is better than Los Angeles. Yeah, sure there are a bunch of shops, and a bunch of decent stuff in the suburbs and just basically in the middle top right. But at the same time Mexico, its more green. when living in Mexico there is bunch of more plants  and city building and in my experience in Mexico I live in a small town. It’s lively, like you can run around the small town and walk around people that know you, houses are connected together. Therefore it makes it easier for people and neighbors to communicate with each other.”

Although Mexico can be dangerous, it can be a lovely place for American tourists and other people across the world to visit. However, Los Angeles is a safer in all aspects. Los Angeles County has roughly 10x fewer crimes per 100,000 people than Morelos.  In 2022, LA County reported roughy 3,000 crimes per 100,000 people, while in Morelos the crime rate was roughly 32,000 crimes per 100,000 people.


Cultural differences

Manuel Marquez, Sr., a truck driver that has been to Mexico, says, “There are more opportunities in LA according to its economy. When you come to LA you will notice that there are more opportunities in all aspects, like a better way of living and a better lifestyle. It is also well known that Mexicans like to construct and build. Therefore their way of constructing is different and their architecture is unique from LA buildings and houses. In Mexico, 90% of their houses are made out of bricks and cement, but LA’s structure material preference is wood. Mexico can also be a nice place to visit because there is a majority of tourist places and gorgeous national parks.” For example, the Jardines De Mexico, just south of Cuernava, Moreles, is well maintained. It’s a great place for tourists to visit!

Mexico is also well known for its scrumptious food. According to Mexiconewsdaily.com, “Mexico has the seventh best cuisine in the world, according to a 50-nation ranking compiled by the international food guide website TasteAtlas.”


Additional Information about Mexico 

Jairo Marquez, Sr., a truck driver that has also been to Mexico, says, “Some differences between Mexico and the LA are the cultures and habits. Music is different in Mexico. For example, Mexico has more music genres like corridos and a unique way of rhyming lyrics in order to dance to them. The currency is pesos in Mexico and in the LA the currency is U.S dollars.

However in LA the job opportunities are better than in the Mexico because … LA’s minimum wage is higher than Mexico’s. Therefore, there is more corruption making Mexico a hard place to rely on.

In Mexico the school was more strict back then because you had to wear a uniform and didn’t get privileges to wear what you desire. On the other hand LA at that time gave the students in some schools that privilege to wear the shoes and clothes they desired.” 


In conclusion, being in Mexico can be a lovely experience but living in Los Angeles is safer. Mexico also has beautiful places to visit.

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