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Beneficial butterflies

Victoria González- Mega Interesting
A beautiful butterfly


Butterflies, with their vibrant wings and graceful flight, are more than just a beautiful sight in our gardens. These insects, which thrive in all corners of the globe except the frigid reaches of Antarctica, are critical players in the health of our planet. The world is home to approximately 17,500 species of butterflies. They are not only essential pollinators, but also a food source for other animals and they also serve as key indicators of environmental health.



Pollinators are vital to our survival, aiding more than 90 percent of the world’s flowering plants in reproduction. With the alarming decline of bee populations, butterflies are stepping up as crucial pollinators. 

According to 6 reasons Why Butterflies are Important for the Planet by Echo Redux, “The pollen attached to their bodies and legs is spread further than that of a honey bee which stays close to the hive. This benefits plants and the planet as it promotes genetic variation and disease resistance.”

It’s estimated that one in every three bites of food we eat owes its existence to pollinators like butterflies. Without them, we would see a significant impact on global food supplies and the balance of nature.

The loss of plants affects not only animals, but humans too. It can lead to a decrease in animal populations and increase the amount of oxygen in the planet. 



Butterflies are near the bottom of the food chain, and everything at the top relies on animals at the bottom. Nearly two-thirds of invertebrates (animals without backbones) connect back to the butterflies.

Butterflies are also food sources for birds, spiders, lizards, mice and other animals. While caterpillars (the stage of the insect before they are a butterfly) are eaten by bats, birds, yellow jackets, lady beatles and even humans, with a decrease in butterfly numbers the whole food chain would collapse.



Butterflies are unique insects because of their complicated life cycle. This has led to more research about them. 

In “6 Reasons why Butterflies are Important for the Planet” it states, “Monarch butterflies choose specific plants, like milkweed, as food for their larvae. They lay eggs on toxic leaves, ready for the caterpillars to emerge and eat. This reduces parasites in larvae and caterpillars and stops predators from eating them. This leads to more caterpillars surviving and becoming butterflies, increasing the population.”

This discovery shows how plants might be helpful for medicine. Scientists now investigate how plants with anti-parasitic properties, like milkweed, could benefit people.



Butterflies are so sensitive to habitat and climate change. This is why scientists are monitoring them as a way of observing the wider effects of habitat fragmentation and climate change.



According to “Why butterflies are beneficial to the environment” by good living, “Naturalist and veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough says spending time in nature – even just watching butterflies in a home garden – is good for our mental health.”

“A few precious moments spent watching a stunning red admiral or peacock butterfly feeding amongst the flowers in my garden never fails to bring me great pleasure,” he said.



Although many people do like butterflies for their beauty and peace, some don’t like them, such as Roselyn Martinez.

Roselyn said, “I think butterflies are ugly, because um, take away their wings, ew! STAWWPP! Take away their wings and like they literally have nothing. Like if a butterfly went on you, you’d be like “OH MY GOD A BUTTERFLY” but pretend like it had no wings. You would literally slap it off! Like they’re disgusting. And like their little fingers, their little fingers on your skin ew. They’re literally DISGUSTING!”

Another student, Victoria Meza, somewhat agreed with Roselyn.

Victoria said, “They’re worms. Th -th they’re worms. They’re like that thin- thing right there with wings (pointing to a long, straight balloon) But I don’t think I hate them… I mean, they have nice wings. 

But in the end, there are still people with a heart for butterflies.

“I like butterflies. I think butterflies are cute, just not before they’re a butterfly,” said Yanelly Gomez. 

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