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Rating the new Fortnite season

Fortnites new season
Epic Games
Fortnite’s new season

What I think of the new Fortnite season as someone who is competitive and a pro is that there is too much going on in the season with all the Greek mythology: parts of the maps, mythic weapons, and bosses who are Zeus, Cerberus, Hades, and Ares. 


Changing the medallions so they don’t heal your shield over time like they used to is kind of useless, except for the medallion that heals your health for every elimination and the dash, which are both useful. It would’ve been better if they healed you as well, and it’s so easy to get found when having more than one medallion. 


In general most of the new items except for the guns are pretty useless. The new AR and shotgun are not as good compared to the weapons from before. The guns last season were better because they did more damage and some of the guns from last season got removed. 


Overall the season could be fun for players who are more oriented to just pure entertainment and are not as competitive because the game keeps you entertained with the wings. The wings are good rotation, fun, and it’s funny when you crash into people but it is very easy for someone to hit you out of the air with the wings on. This is why someone more competitive wouldn’t like the new season, but people who like the entertainment over competitiveness will like the wings.


The Map 

The new Fortnite map is filled with so many new areas to explore or to hide at. There are some fun features like the water that gives you a dash effect, which is good mobility. It feels like they are trying too much with all the new parts on the map, like the new Olympus part of the map is too big.


Every time Epic Games make a big adjustment to the map players just start playing less, so they shouldn’t add such big features to the map because it also  creates bugs or glitches in the game which could lead to a decline of players and just takes away the fun. Bugs or unwanted changes   that the players don’t like can get players to leave to play other games like Warzone, a simpler game that doesn’t have as many bugs or glitches.

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