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What do eighth graders need to walk the stage?

Albert Vincent Wu

Have you wondered what eighth graders need to walk the stage? It’s quite simple really. There are only three requirements you need.

Ms. Alamilla states that the first step to walk the stage is having NO F’s or D’s. Sometimes there are special exceptions for advisory and empowered reading, but for the most part any F or D in the gradebook disqualifies a student from walking the stage.

Some ways to not get any F’s or D’s are to go to office hours or ask teachers for some other ways to get your grade up if you are not able to go to office hours. If you aren’t able to go to office hours for a certain reason, talk to the teacher and see what they are able to do to fit into your schedule and when you are able to go and work on what you need help with. If you aren’t able to stay after school, come during the morning. I’m sure the teachers would do anything to help a student raise their grades.

Step two is to have NO more than 40 demerits. You have had more than enough time to set goals with teachers and change your behavior to have less than 40 demerits. Remember the culmination is to celebrate accomplishments and having 40 or more demerits is not an accomplishment.

If you are close to having 40 demerits, go talk to teachers such as Mr. Aleman, Mr. Guardado, and Ms. Bravo or go with the vice principal Ms. Perez. They will set goals with you to have a less amount of demerits so you can walk the stage and do all of the eighth grade activities.

Step three is to not get into serious trouble. By serious trouble I mean getting in fights or bringing banned items to school. These things don’t result in demerits, they result in more of a serious offense such as calling guardians or going onto tracker.

These certain things can get you to not walk the stage for different reasons. The main reason is because the culmination is to celebrate your accomplishments, NOT the bad things you did at school to get you in trouble. Another reason you may not be able to walk the stage is because you don’t care about your grades till the last minute because you’d rather hang out with your friends. There are only five instructional weeks left of school for eighth graders and to get your grades up you have to go to more than one office hours to get your grades up. The last reason is you just might not care. All of these bad things go onto high school. If a high school sees that in middle school you were getting in fights, bringing banned things into school, or even getting detention you might not get into the high school you want to go to.

I hope this helps get everyone motivated in getting their grades up and going to office hours. And remember that a D and F is NOT a passing grade.

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