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The haunted Queen Mary

The Queen Mary
The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is an 80 year old boat docked in Long Beach on which many tragic deaths happened. According to The Queen Mary website, The Queen Mary has been selected as one of the top 10 most haunted places in America by Time Magazine.

According to Buzzfeed Unsolved, The Queen Mary is a retired boat that sailed from 1936 to 1967. During World War ll the ship was repurposed as a transportation vessel for prisoners of war and was painted gray. In fact the ship was so much faster than enemy u-boats, or submarines, that it had earned the nickname the gray ghost.

The ship was estimated to have carried over 800,000 servicemen throughout the war. In 1947 the ship returned to the Queen Mary status and in 1965 Cunard Lines decided to sell the Queen Mary. It is now a hotel and a tourist attraction, according to the Queen Mary’s website.

According to The Queen Mary website, many people have reported seeing ghosts, such as a lady in white by the ship’s engine room and many children’s spirits by the first class pool. Haunted encounters happen in the day but when its night time the spirits come out and play.

According to travel writer Josh McNair on his blog, McNair says that room B340 haunts the entire boat. For example, a ghost pulls away sheets and walks around. In the pool there is said to be a girl named “Jackie” who haunts that area.

McNair also visited the engine room and saw door number thirteen. That place is haunted because there was a fatal accident and it is now haunted by a maintenance worker.

Talking about staff and workers, according to Emma Le Teace, who is an award-winning cruise blogger and a YouTuber, there was actually a crew member who died in 1949 by accidental poisoning named W.E Stark. A.J.G. Golding was a seaman who died from a skull fracture in 1936. Lastly, in 1966 a fireman named J. Pedder was accidentally crushed.

Since the Queen Mary is used as a floating hotel, attraction and event and wedding venue, guests claim to have experienced severe temperature changes, knocking, flickering lights, slamming doors, and screams. Specters believed to be the crushed crew member in coveralls haunts the engine room where he died. His screams of pain are often heard by visitors. A ghost of a child named as Jacqueline Torin is seen and heard near the second-class pool, where she supposedly drowned at the age of six. Visitors will hear sounds of children laughing and splashing in the pool, as well as small wet footprints walking out of the pool.

There are also reports of a lady in white who is seen dancing in the lounge. Her story or reasonings for her hauntings are unknown.

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