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How do you feel about our community?

Jayleen Guillen
Flyers for street work.

The community we live in is a mix of everything. To be honest since there’s good neighborhoods and bad ones. I decided to ask some students and a teacher how they feel about living in this community. I asked Manuel Marquez, Jairo Marquez, Joshua Paxtor and teacher Miguel Diaz.

Manuel Marquez stated, “My community is very dirty and is full of gang violence because everyone be assaulting you and don’t find the correct way to make money. They also don’t work cause you see me, I work since I be getting that money.”

Jairo Marquez stated, “There’s a lot of gang violence, tagging on the wall, and the graffiti and I feel like we need to tap in more with the police so that they can patrol the area and a better more safe community.”

Joshua Paxtor stated, “I feel like it’s a dirty community because there’s a lot of trash everywhere and the homeless people make it worse.”

Teacher Miguel Diaz stated, “The community in general needs a lot of help, since we need people who are willing to help the community out in any other way to get it to as best as we can.”


I also decided to ask how they feel about the community they grew up in since many people have different options about their community.

Manuel said, “Well to me it’s normal but for outsiders and foreigners who never been to LA they think it’s pretty dangerous due to the homeless and pollution in the air because of how close the freeways are to the local stores and homes.”

Jairo said, “Me personally, I feel scared and not scared because something tragic can happen such as a life getting taken in front of you.”

Joshua said, “I feel like this area was made for me because there’s people like me that like to hangout and stuff. There’s also gang violence but if you don’t mess with them then you’ll be fine.”

Diaz said, “I feel that this community was never the greatest but we do what we can, we try our best to get ourselves up and try to better the community by just being successful ourselves. Maybe that way we can make the community better.”


The community is very different for many people. You just have to talk to people and hear their perspectives on it.

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