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Why do students sleep in class?

Angel Nunez
A pie chart made to see why people slept in class done in Mr finers class

Students often sleep in class, according to Mr. Finer. “I see 1-2 students trying to sleep per class daily, more so in the morning than the afternoon.”

And according to one of the counselors, Ms. Reed, some reasons why people sleep in class is that “they are tired because of no sleep the night before.” She also said that we sometimes sleep in class because of  “medical reasons or a difficult subject most of the time.” Another thing she said is that “teens need around 10 – 9 hours of sleep.”

Ms. Reed also gave me a paper on ways to prevent sleeping in class.  This incudes aiming for 9.5 hours of sleep a night and having regular sleep schedule, in addition to not using your device during and 30 minutes before bedtime. Also, consider the right conditions for sleeping according to your liking and avoid doing anything too stressful in your bedroom. In addition, you should not nap near bedtime because it can stop you from sleeping at night. Avoid caffeine, and do something calming before sleep.

According to Ms. Gutierrez, the negative affects of sleeping in class are that students don’t “learn because they are sleeping.” In addition she said that they don’t get a “proper nap so it will also effect their next class.” She also said they will probably be “more moody because they get woken up by a teacher.”

After asking most kids in my fifth period class if they sleepy in class and why, I got these results.

One reason why kids sleep in class is “because you get sleepy,” says Jayleen Guillen.

Another reason is “class being boring,” said Frank Gonzalez.

One reason Fatima Gonzalez falls asleep is that some of the “desks are comfy.”

Another reason might be depending on the day, like if a student got “no sleep at night,” said Jaylah Everett.

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