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Who Is Yuno Miles?

The person in the image is Yuno Miles.
Yuno Miles
The person in the image is Yuno Miles.

Yuno Miles is a SoundCloud rapper known for the poor quality audio and the goofy lyrics of animals and objects. Like in his song “Put The Money In The Bag” it says “This is the sound of a robot elelalaele *bing elelalaelelalelillelale.” He would rap over goofy rap trap beats and he would also rap over beats sampled by cartoons and video games. His mother was unimpressed and kicked him out of the house.

Yuno Miles relocated to Menhaden, with his first studio being outside on a blanket with his $100 computer and $15 mic. Later on, he went to his studio where he was kicked out for making his type of music and after that he went to his uncle’s basement and settled there.

On December 13th , 2019 his first rap song was posted on SoundCloud and it is called “Pokemon,” where he raps over a trap version of the Futurama theme song. Then he would post a song on SoundCloud called “Hot tamale.” His first video posted on TikTok was a clip of his song. 

On December 3rd, Yuno released a song called “Road to Riches” on YouTube and would post a clip of it on TikTok. The video gained 3 million views in a week and the song gained popularity.

On April 4th 2022, he released a music video called “Put The Money In The Bag” and he would post a clip of it on TikTok and it would gain 9.7 million views and he would gain fame and popularity over the song. 



David M: “I think he’s one of the best rapper of 2024 and definitely has compentition with Playboi Carti. My favorite song is HoneyBun.” 


Joshua P: “He’s a really good artist and I think his music is bops and he’s very hot and my favorite most streamed song on my playlist that I cherish so much is the Drake Diss. I love it so much and it makes me feel so great inside I get tingles and butterflies in my stomach when I see him.” 


Josue A: “Yuno Miles is like the new Kendrick Lamar and I really like his songs. They are inspirational. I like the song about his grandmother and how sweet she was. He is better than all the rappers and I like his songs of Drake and Kendrick.”


Kevin B: “He is the next Mozart of our generation behind Jordan Carter. My favorite song is Hong Kong.”


Erick: “I think Yuno Miles is cool because of his unique styles. My favorite song is Stephen Curry.”


Hector: “Kendrick Lamar Drake.” 


Ethan: “He’s a nice person and uhh good artist I enjoy his underground music.”


I like Yuno Miles. He is very attractive. Jerson says he is a very attractive artist and it brings me joy when I listen to his music. 

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