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Northern white rhinos and their endangerment

Why are they endangered?
The last two northern white rhinos.
The last two northern white rhinos.

Northern white rhinos are currently endangered and here’s why.

According to Can we save the Northern White Rhino” by Saving The Rhino, the northern white rhino is now extinct in the wild. Only two female white rhinos named Najin and Fatu are left in captivity after the last male white rhino named Sudan died in 2018 due to euthanization.

The northern white rhinos are endangered due to poaching, and the reason for the northern white rhinos being poached is for their horn and also because they are not aggressive.

I interviewed some eighth grade students and this is what they said:

Irvin De Jesus said, “It’s not good that the white rhinos are going extinct because losing a species is never good so it’s sad to see them going extinct. I think we should keep them in a secure place so they won’t get hunted.”

Another eight grader, Alexis Vasquez, said, “I feel bad because they are very unique animals. I think we can help them by feeding them and protecting them from predators and poachers and I think they are important because they help keep grasslands maintained.”

The last eight grader I interviewed was Anthony Sandoval and he said, “I think people should try to have other rhinos try reproducing with the last two female white rhinos to have a new variant of a rhino. I think they are important because they gave researchers a lot of information for their species.”

According to “Can science save the northern white rhino from extinction and even bring back the dodo?” by John Yang, he states that “The northern white rhinos was one of the world’s biggest land mammals.” He also stated that “The northern white rhino is one of the most endangered animals in the world.”

Another article called “Just two northern white rhinos are left on earth. A new breakthrough offers hope” by Kyle Almond  states, “BloRescue has been creating northern white embryos with eggs from Fatu and sperm that was collected and preserved from male rhinos before they died. A rhino pregnancy lasts 16 months. So, if all goes well, we could see a northern white rhino baby in two to three years.”

All this research shows that even though the northern white rhino has become very endangered there still is hope that the northern white rhino can come back, and rebuild it’s population with genetic engineering and science.

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