Teachers in a successful music business

Teachers from the neighborhood have created a website called http://www.musicnotesonline.com/ to make music videos to teach math to students. The website has  grade levels from Kindergarten to 9th. Jimmy Pascascio directs the music videos, Lamar Queen raps in the videos, and David Landix creates the lyrics and beats.

Pascascio taught at LA Academy and saw a fellow teacher named Lamar Queen make a music video for his math students because they told him he was boring.  Jimmy liked the idea of Queen making videos for his students, so he started filming more videos with Queen.

Their first album they did together was called ” Slope-intercept Formula.” Pascascio, said “I really enjoy this busisness.” He stopped teaching to do videos with Queen and Landix.

The first song was in 2008  and they started to travel and held concerts in 2010. Pascascio now doesn’t teach and works full-time on his music business. Many teachers buy their album to help teach students.

Follow them on Instagram:  @musicnotesonline