Basketball players practice for the tournament

Seventh grader Klenya Monroy is walking throuth the hallway.This is how a basketball player's life is from their sixth class to the gym to get ready to practice.
Seventh grader Klenya Monroy walks towards the gym for practice.

Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School basketball players and coaches Thomas Lo, Carly Pace, and Tiffany Fang are practicing for the tournament that will take place in the gym of Animo Locke High School on Saturday, December 14.

“I am excited to put into practice everything we have been working on”, said Pace. Basketball players are excited and are practicing to compete against Animo Phillis Wheatley, Animo Westside, Animo Western, and Animo Middle School Number Two Charter Middle Schools. ” I am excited because it’s my first time playing in the tournament,” said seventh grader Klenya Monroy.

Last year, Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School won second place in the tournament. They are practicing by running around the school or gym and are practicing playing in a real game. They hope to get second or first place this year.