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First pep rally for sixth graders

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On October 10th, the annual Pep Rally took place in the school’s gym.

This was the first pep rally that the new sixth graders experienced here in Animo Jefferson Middle School. Sixth grader, Daniel Velazquez said, “I found it really funny and when Mr. Broguiere, Mr, Finer, Mr. Davis, Mr. Alvarado, and Mr. Carbajal were dancing because I never thought they would dance like that in front of the whole school.”

During the rally Mr. Broguiere, Mr. Finer, Mr. Davis, Mr. Alvarado, and Mr. Carbajal, surprised many with the dance they organized. There were a series of three games like potato sack in which they had to tag people on the other side, the tree legged race and get the balloon across the finish line without using their hands. In the end the eight graders turned out winning the trophy and were able to go to lunch first.

Sixth graders reacting to the dance.

Credit goes to Jennifer Guzman
Sixth graders reacting to the dance. The dance took about three days to prepare.

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  1. Mialyza Nuño on January 23rd, 2015 10:05 pm

    This rally was funny and even though I am a 7th grader that dance was very funny and it was cool how the 6th graders reacted to it

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First pep rally for sixth graders