Teacher made tests turn into Green Dot tests school wide

Students taking Green Dot tests
Jose Contreras
Students taking Green Dot tests

Final exams have changed since last year from teacher made tests to Green Dot tests school-wide.

 Thomas Lo, a Math teacher at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, said,  “Last year common assessments were primarily provided through MATHia software and were very confusing for students. This year common assessments a slightly more aligned to what is being taught in the classroom as opposed to what is being covered in MATHia.” Teachers teach what MATHia offers and students will try to learn its contents according to what the common assessments have.

 Last year teachers could modify the test to what they teached in their lessons and students could prepare, but  Lo said, “The Green Dot Common Assessments help to gauge student proficiency across the district.” Which was the primary reason for them.

Green Dot tests need to change since the questions in them are not aligned to the common core standards.

 Teresa Argueta, an English teacher at AJCMS said, “Some teachers may have finals prepared to start earlier.”

There has been a change in testing for Greendot Schools.