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Chickenpox and ways to prevent it

Some appearances of chickenpox may look like bumps on your face

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Some appearances of chickenpox may look like bumps on your face

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Do you know about the chicken pox? Do you know the symptoms? The causes, or preventions? There has been cases of chickenpox found throughout the United States and now in schools.

Recently, this was a problem here at Animo Jefferson.

Some symptoms may include fever, loss of appetite, headache, tiredness, and feeling unwell. Chicken pox  have stages as well. Kids can get chickenpox from airborne particles like the oxygen in the air, droplets in exhaled air and fluids from blisters or sores. First, red/pink bumps will break out. Next, the bumps will become fluid-fill. Lastly, crusts and scabs will appear over all of  the bumps. Through out the days, new bumps will appear throughout all your body. According to,, a university of UPMC (Pittsburgh Medical Center) website, “Some symptoms are fever of usually 101F to 103F, runny nose and cough, and tired or sick feeling.” The chickenpox can and will give you some of these symptoms if you are exposed to chickenpox.

If parents think they’re kids have chickenpox, they should take their kids to a doctor, they will exam the rashes and will be able to tell if they have chickenpox or not. It is highly recommended for adults to take their children to get the vaccination.  Doctors estimate the chickenpox (varicella) vaccination gives 90 percent of protection. According to the site, it states, “Some ways to prevent the chickenpox is to take 2 doses of the vaccine.” They believe that two doses of the chickenpox vaccine will be the most effective way to prevent the chickenpox from getting into your body and getting you terribly sick.

People that are most vulnerable to the chickenpox are people that have HIV/AIDS, cancer, people who had transplants, people with chemotherapy, or long-term use of steroids. There are ways to prevent the chickenpox is by taking doses of the chickenpox vaccine because it is very effective and even if someone gets the chickenpox there will be milder effects than if you were not to get the vaccine so, it’s highly recommended to take the vaccine. According to Euna, a CVS pharmacist, recommended the chickenpox vaccine as well, she said “Yes, high percentage of prevention.” She had said that the chickenpox is a highly contagious disease and that the vaccine was highly recommended especially for children at a young age.

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Chickenpox and ways to prevent it