Teenage students use marijuana

Why do teenagers get into marijuana? Have you ever wondered? If you were ever put in the position to a path of smoking what path would you choose?

One reason why students smoke marijuana is because they get bullied. An 18 year old student in the end of 4th grade started to smoke marijuana. The student felt like he was stressed because he was bullied. In 5th grade he started selling marijuana. During 5th grade he got caught with marijuana. He acted like he didn’t know what it was and said he had found it, so the school and parents let it slide. He continued selling it through 6th grade and made about 600$ a day. He continued to sell it and started to smoke again in 8th grade. In 8th grade he got caught again by him not wanting to sell marijuana to a student that he didn’t trust. He got expelled from school and got a ticket. He went back to the school and beat up the kid for “ratting him out.” He got another ticket for assault. He worried about the fact that he had no credits and freaked out and went back to selling. He continued to smoke in high school. He got caught smoking and had a bag of marijuana on him and ran. His mom had warned him and told him if he was caught with marijuana she will call the cops on him. His mom found the marijuana, she called the police, and he got a ticket. The 18 year old fixed his life when his mom watched him get into a police car.

Another reason why students get into marijuana is because they can do things they never could do as sober.Another former Animo Jefferson student said, “I like smoking pot [marijuana] because of the way you feel. It expresses all your enjoyment inside. When I was high I had the ability to experience everything I was curious about, for example: I jumped off a roof.” He said that he used to consume marijuana in many different ways. For example, he used to smoke marijuana from a can, pipes, bongs, apples and he even used to eat edibles like pot brownies. He tried marijuana  out of curiosity. He got addicted and he stopped smoking because he wants to get his life back together.

Not everyone makes the same choice about marijuana some people have different perspectives on their view point of marijuana.

One reason why people reject marijuana is because they don’t want to mess up their future career.An 8th grade student at Animo Jefferson mentioned that she doesn’t do any drugs.Her cousin told her to try smoking marijuana and the 8th grade student rejected the offer because she doesn’t want to mess up her soccer career.  “I have friends that smoke and I try to convince them not to, but they don’t listen. So what’s the point of trying to stop them if they don’t listen.”