Is Math getting Difficult ?

Students believe that math is getting harder over the course of the year. Is math really getting difficult ?

Thomas Lo, a math teacher at Animo Jefferson said,  “There is a big difference in 7th and 8th grade math because there’s work that you have to master to be good at the next grade math.”

Lo recommends that students should study and practice the math work they did the day before.

Anita Tovmasyan, a math teacher, said, “Math Foundations is important to this school since it supports students in math.”

Tovmasyan also said, “Seventh grade math helps 7th graders for the 8th grade math. It gets them prepared for algebra and future math too.”

Valentine Rios, a sixth grader, said, “I think that 7th grade math is going to be harder because in 6th grade we are just reviewing 5th grade math.”

Valentine also said, “Once we jump into 7th grade we will start learning new things in math, for example we are going to learn how to work with decimals which I find very hard.”

In the end , math indeed is not getting harder. Its just the phrase of the student when they get overwhelmed by all the work and don’t focus on improving. Most kids in our school at least try, which counts.