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Protest on police brutality

This is how the protesters were blocking the Metro Blue Line.


This is how the protesters were blocking the Metro Blue Line.

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On Tuesday, April 14, many people were protesting against police brutality in Downtown Los Angeles.

Many of the people protesting were members of the “Stop Mass Incarceration Network.” The protesters were mainly protesting for the people who have been killed by police, like Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Walter Scott.

There have been marches and protests in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland, Berkley, and other cities.

During the protest, twenty to thirty people were blocking the Metro Blue Line. About fifteen people were arrested due to the fact that they did not move from the train tracks. Student, Randy Aldana said, “Our first amendment gives us the right to freedom of speech.” Randy believes the protesters shouldn’t have been arrested.

There has been some disagreements with the fact that the protesters stopped the Metro Blue Line. Parent, Maggie Salazar said, “They shouldn’t have stopped the blue line because instead of creating a positive outcome, it created a chaos with traffic.” They were laying on the train tracks for about two hours. High school student, Ulices Rosales said, “Some people in that train may have been going somewhere important, so they shouldn’t have done that.”

Others believe this protest was the proper way to get the attention from police. High school student Rosibeth Arreola said, “One hundred and thirty plus students from my school did a walk out supporting to stop police brutality… they felt like they made a change.”


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Protest on police brutality