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Many of  you have seen all the six Fast and Furious movies, but have you seen the new movie Furious 7?

In the movie Furious 7, directed by James Wan and written by Gary Scott Thompson, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker), Letty  Ortiz  (Michelle Rodriguez), Roman Pearce  (Tyrese Gibson) , a new character Megan Ramsey played by Nathalie Emmanuel they all group up together to stop Ian Shaw (Jason Statham). Also  Luke Hobbs played by Dwayne Johnson A.K.A The Rock and Mia Toretto played by Jordana Brewster. Dominic’s group includes, Tej played by Ludacris, Kurt Russell who plays an FBI agent and finally Djimon Hounsou who was after Ramsey.

Math Teacher Thomas Lo said that he enjoyed watching the movie, he enjoys the storyline leading up to Furious 7. “My favorite part was just how they handled Paul Walkers death and tribute scene at the end” Lo’s Favorite character is Tej and he wonders how are they going to follow it up and create the other fast and Furious movies.

Tenth grader at Animo Ralph Bunch (ARB) Antonio Dominguez said that he liked watching the movie also he liked everything the action, friendship , romance, suspense, and drama. “My favorite scene was the part where the girl who lost her memory {Letty Ortiz} said that why didn’t he {Dominic Toretto} tell her that they were married.”

Nineth grader at Santee High School Cynthia Rivas said “I loved this movie. I love the friendship that happens.” What she liked about the movie was that it was sad and happy at the same time. Also she said that her favorite scene was at the end of the movie how they handled Paul Walker’s tribute scene.

Eighth grader at AJCMS, Alexis Rodriguez said that he liked the movie because it was different from the others “This movie was more about revenge for Han and the Furious family” his favorite part was when they jumped out of the plane’s with the cars. Alexis doesn’t have a favorite character because all of them play good parts. “What I didn’t like was that there was not a lot of racing in the movie but other than that everything was pretty good ”.

A parent named Keith Jackson said that he liked the movie the part that he liked was when Dominic and Brian while they were inside the car and going through buildings. “I really didn’t have a favorite character. I loved everything about this movie”

This movie was sad and exciting at the same time now people wonder how Gary Scott Thompson (writer of Furious 7) will write the other Fast and Furious movies.

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