Students, get prepared! It’s testing time!

Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School students have been preparing , have been  practicing, and had many chances to get ready for state testing. Jefferson students are now ready for their testing next week.

Teachers all believe that students have the potential to pass the test. Mathematics teachers, Thomas Lo and Carly Pace. Lo believes that 7th and 8th grade students need more critical thinking skills and need to have more perseverance.  Lo also believes that in order for students to be successful they need to study. “They should look through old notes, old assignments, identify things they don’t know or don’t understand, and if they need more guidance they should come find a teacher.,” said Lo. Pace is currently working on improving her 6th grade students by putting her students in “SBAC Boot Camp” and they work hard everyday to earn a sticker for receiving mastery on the day’s objective. “What students need to know is that they are capable of being successful. They have been preparing for the SBAC all year,” said Pace.

Students need a lot of skills in order to be prepared for the SBAC. English teacher, Jenny Moreno said ,  “We are working on skills like, annotating, justifying, reading directions, and writing out written responses in complete sentences. They had a lot of opportunities to read and write with feedback.” Moreno also said that the skills they practice will help them with all their test not just English, but it will help them be successful in all their courses and being relentless is the key for it.

Students have been learning skills from English to Math to History to Science. Science teacher, Maria Soto said, “I’m teaching my students scientific skills for example scientific method, measurements, how to do an analysis. Students definitely need reading, writing, and language skills for every test.” Knowing how to read the question for every type of test can benefit the student in a huge way.

Students have a lot of work to do in the following week especially the 8th graders who are taking three tests this year of Math, English, and Science. All students have been preparing all year and have put an amazing effort and participation into their work.