Good-Bye 8th Graders!

Kayley Betancourt, Staff Writer

Sadly, Animo Jefferson’s 2012-2015 bulldog students are leaving and moving on to be high schoolers. Students are already taking this good-bye as eye watering tragedy. As teachers say their good-bye’s, 8th graders are taking it very difficult. They’re not only taking it difficult by saying good-bye to their friends, but they are also taking it difficult in saying good-bye to their teachers. Our promoting Bulldogs say that they agree with Mr.Announcer-Man, they know that they come to school for learning, but when they take a look back to their middle school experiences they’re going to remember what they learned but most of all they are going to remember the relationships they built here at Animo Jefferson.We thought it would be nice if some of our promoting 8th grade students to say somethings to our fantastic teachers!


Cristian Rios: He’s going to miss Mr.Broguiere because he was fun teacher.

Alex Ortega: He’s going to miss Mr.Davis because he had him for three years and was there for him when he needed him.

Ruth Garcia: She is going to miss Mrs.Dampier because she was fun and made learning fun.

Jose Aleman: He’s going to miss Ms. Jamshed because she was really kind to him.

Brenda Cortez: She’s going to miss Mr.Lo because he always helps her with work.

Jesus Hernandez: He’s going to miss Mr.Carbajal because he’s fun.

Juan Acosta: He’s going to miss Ms.Vargas because he can talk to her when ever he needs something.

Kevin Gomez: He’s going to miss Ms.Alamilla because he can talk to her about his problems.

Axel Barrientos: He;s going to miss Mr.Medrano because he’s funny.

Stephanie Corona: She’s going to miss Ms.Bowyer.