Graffiti: Good or bad thing?

Roselyn Chavez, Editor-in-Chief

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Graffiti art is an issue that occurs in many places around the world and it’s controversial based on whether the artist has permission or not. However, there are different types of graffiti such as trying to spread your message out, to make a certain area look “better,” or just for fun.


Rick Gonzalez, thirteen, an AJCMS student, states, “I like graffiti. The reason is because when i’m in the car going somewhere, it’s interesting to look at the wall art.” Although sometimes people create random stuff on the streets, it is interesting to look at especially if it’s a beautiful piece of art.


Some ways people can spread a message or express their views on a topic is through graffiti art on the streets for everyone to see. This is a efficient way to do that, since so many people walk past the streets daily, they will see the art and it may possibly help them be more aware about the issue people are trying to spread.


“They should set up a public place where people can make graffiti on.” Emmanuel Chavez, seventeen, an ARB student, states. This could be a good opportunity for artists to share their artwork. Instead of people tagging on structures without consent from the owner, they could just do it on there. Not only would it look beautiful seeing what people can create with their skills and techniques, but also this way people can possibly connect through their art and make new friends.


The boys’ bathroom was closed due to graffiti

However, a current issue that’s been happening involving graffiti is in Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School. Students are tagging the restrooms obviously without permission. This may make people think that our school is poor quality or low standard. On March 22, 2018, the staff put up a sign on the boys’ restroom door. It was closed due to people tagging it. Not only does this make the restrooms look unprofessional, it also costs the school money to paint over or erase it. Ezequiel Banda, another AJCMS student states, “I don’t like graffiti vandalism in the school, or even anywhere because it is destroying someone’s property because they don’t even want it there.”


Graffiti is a nice thing as long as the person doing it has permission from the owner of the property. People should be allowed to do what they’re passionate about.

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