Eighth grade field trip to Six Flags

Mark Arroyo, Staff Writer

June 6, 2018

On June 4, the eighth graders from AJCMS went on a field trip to Six Flags for their field trip to celebrate for the people who are going to graduate eighth grade. Everyone had so much fun that day. They got on rides, hung ou...

Animal testing: right or wrong?

Roselyn Chavez and Melanie Heredia

May 26, 2018

Animal testing is a controversial act that many companies do. The name is pretty self-explanatory: companies test their products on live animals which causes them pain, distress, suffering, and further on. Makeup brands are m...

Students Opinions on the Spring Fling of 2018

Alondra Garcia, Managing Editor

April 26, 2018

Spring Fling is a dance that occurs a week before Spring Break and it’s from six to eight in the afternoon. Its theme was 'Midnight in Paris'.  All grade levels are included from sixth through eighth grade where students can have fun with their friends . Thing...

Graffiti: Good or bad thing?

Roselyn Chavez, Editor-in-Chief

April 9, 2018

Graffiti art is an issue that occurs in many places around the world and it’s controversial based on whether the artist has permission or not. However, there are different types of graffiti such as trying to spread your messag...

Ezequiel Banda