What Are Students’ thoughts on Deadpool 2?

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What Are Students’ thoughts on Deadpool 2?

Oscar Barron and Matthew Garcia

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After the first movie’s success, fans were demanding Quentin Tarantino to direct a sequel. In my opinion Deadpool 2 will be a success, though Matthew Garcia, aren’t as sure. On Rotten Tomatoes, it got a rating of 7/10 and has an earning of  $745.7 million worldwide. The question is what are student’s thoughts on the release of Deadpool 2 coming out May 18, 2018.

Steve Chavez, an 8th grader from Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, says he might see the new movie because he thought the first one was really good. “I liked the first movie because of the action and the comedy”. He said that he was really looking forward to the movie and he hopes that it has the same style of comedy.

Ezequiel Banda, another 8th grader also in AJCMS says,” I’ve heard  about the good and bad character ”. He also said he hasn’t seen the motion picture, but is familiar with the comics. Finally, he said that Deadpool was a cool marvel character and since he now knows of the sequel, he would want to watch the new movie.

“Yeah, I kinda like it because it was a good movie,” says Allen Vamark, an 8th grader from Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School. Allen says he’s not really excited for Deadpool 2 and he says the sequel might not do better than the first one.

Another 8th grader, Bryan Perez says that he did not watch the first Deadpool movie, but he did have plans to go and watch the first movie and possibly the second movie in theaters. “I think it will look good based on the teasers.”  He has some knowledge on the first movie, but he is willing to give the movie a try. He also said that he was somewhat excited to watch the movie.

Now we know what student’s thoughts are on the new Deadpool movie.  Some are excited and others were not.

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